Email sent to each DSA branch across the United States.

Dear comrade,

I updated the website with new proposals from the French Villeurbanne Congress. These are just proposals that will spark debates all over France on what is French Socialism to culminate in a Convention (in Socialism, we call them Congresses.)

Socialism is not a solitary exercise, so share this with other comrades, debate the topics you think can apply in the United States. Remember, a machine translated these documents. If something doesn’t sound right, please check with any French speaker to see if the translation makes sense. I am putting a team of French volunteer translators to go over each text, but that will take time.

You can find the link here:

I share it with you because many Americans do not read French, and the elite only accesses these documents. I want to bring this Congres to the DSA rank and file so they can see how from seemingly incoherent ideas, the Socialists platform ends up with a cohesive direction.

Socialism in the United States fell behind the rest of the world. What is happening in my branch where comrades are accusing others of sexism, racism, misogyny, or that the leadership doesn’t know how to be leaders is natural. I posted on my medium website one of my comrade email: Email sent by a candidates to all the Branch members. She is pissed! and she is not alone.

In volunteer organizations, leadership is not about being elected Bosses. Leadership is about getting the information to the rank and file to come up together with a plan of action to conduct the affairs of the community. Being an elected leader is not a substitute for being a lousy boss. Unfortunately, that is what is happening. The leaders get into the mentality that they got elected boss and that everyone needs to follow what they say.

This leadership behavior will lead to the Rank and File members to leave us!

Through these documents created by all sorts of French Comrades, my goal will allow you to understand that Socialism is a flexible and fluid construct. Still, every comrade needs to follow some basic philosophical rules. I hope that this intellectual work will make every DSA member, better leaders.

Because I am both American and French, and a 15 years member of the French Socialist party, I have a unique perspective on Socialism. I have put some historical explanation on my website (If the links on this website don’t make sense, email me.)

You are the Future of Socialism!

But it would be best if you had the basic historical rules of the 300 congresses that took place from 1870 to now; otherwise, you are back to repeat what has already debated. Do we want to repeat 140 years of pointless debate?

I am a member of the North Star caucus, and if you want to discuss with folks that debated with all of the DSA founders, check the website:

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Theo Chino

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