A message to every candidates running for office in New York City.

You can see all the petitions that I will circulate on Tuesday by calling Voters and ask them to sign my petition. I will ask them to sign petitions for Judges, County Committee, City Council, and whatever they feel to sign.

I want each of you candidates to learn what it feels like to be 16 years old going to housing court not knowing what is going on, trying to save your apartment against slumlords. That feeling that grabs you by the neck and the cold sweat that pinch your ears upwards.

I know how it feels because I have been a candidate before and know the feeling of putting all this effort to see it disappear with one snap of the finger. It hurts!

You want to be in charge of New York City; we want you to be sincere and call out the Housing corruption. If you don’t, we will comb through each signature like hawks. I have no compassion for Politicians that let the city steal trillions of dollars from the most vulnerable citizens. I counted about $ 266,000 per resident.

If you don’t care about us, we don’t care about you and your fake policies.

At 30 years old, I was one of those idealists that advocated for another slumlord that appears as a Non-Profit savior to make things worse and spring you along for 20 years using activists like Cea Weaver telling victimized residents not to complain to 311 because they are the good guys. Jumaane appointing her to the City Planning Commission. That is a stab in the heart of all the Housing victims of corruption.

My slumlord and victimizer’s name is UHAB, and Cea Weaver is their trainee! The City Agency HPD is their piggy bank!

And all those politicians don’t care.

I want each of you candidates to understand what it feels like to give everything for this moment, not knowing what will happen on March 25, 2021, when all of us tenants will be objecting to every signature on every petition.

I have heard of the campaign making commitments of not challenging the petitions in various districts. That is a game the lawyers play and for which they don’t have any moral qualm in breaking because they are only representing the best interest of their clients.

The Board of Elections has been weaponized for more than 100 years. Each year they keep adding more and more tools like the Board of Elections.

The only way it stops is that all of you candidates join me, turn it around and use it against the system.

You now have two choices; either send me a Cease-and-Desist letter or work with me to change the system! The option is only yours.

As you might know, I am Badrun Khan’s Treasurer, and after fighting against the CFB, they finally decided to release our $ 50,000.

If that story feels familiar and your lawyer or consultant told you to shut up and be nice, then you are getting bad advice, and I want you to come to talk to me on Sunday at 1:30 pm on Wall Street. I want to hear from you!

If you decide to come to meet, please create a Mail Chimp burner account, use the BatchToLoad.csv file and invite all the other candidates and the press to join us.

If you don’t want to come meets me but talk about changing the system, you are just a hypocrite that has no intention to change the system. I heard that from my councilman Mark Levine.

Theo Chino
(212) 694.9968

If you have computer skills, to participate in the project: https://github.com/repmyblock

Bitcoiner, Activist - Doesn’t matter of from the Right or the Left; running does. https://repmyblock.nyc