You can see all the petitions that I will circulate on Tuesday by calling Voters and ask them to sign my petition. I will ask them to sign petitions for Judges, County Committee, City Council, and whatever they feel to sign.

I want each of you candidates to learn what it feels like to be 16 years old going to housing court not knowing what is going on, trying to save your apartment against slumlords. That feeling that grabs you by the neck and the cold sweat that pinch your ears upwards.

I know how it feels because I have…

Dear comrade,

I updated the website with new proposals from the French Villeurbanne Congress. These are just proposals that will spark debates all over France on what is French Socialism to culminate in a Convention (in Socialism, we call them Congresses.)

Socialism is not a solitary exercise, so share this with other comrades, debate the topics you think can apply in the United States. Remember, a machine translated these documents. If something doesn’t sound right, please check with any French speaker to see if the translation makes sense. …

No disrespect to Annie or Sam, this is not a personal issue but any BIPOC will immediately see what is wrong with this tweet and the folks supporting Sam.

Sam is hard working, but problem is that he want to impose his ideas to people that have a different stories and a different backgrounds.

An email was sent and came as a surprise and I am really glad that it came out. I new thing were bad but not that bad.


The French Socialists are organizing their congress and all the document are here: and a possible solution to what happened in UM/B, the Harrington Style branch:

I did this video to explain Socialism.

In 24 days will start the petitioning in Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx the petitioning for County Committee. In short, it’s the group of people that will vote for the leadership of the Democratic Party.

I need help to get this message across Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx on social media because we need to find 10,000 New Yorkers to run for County Committee.

You can see that change took place in Brooklyn last week by Frank Seddio abruptly resigning.

The county committee is the Legislative body that review the bosses decisions. …

I need your help to investigate HPD (New York City Department of Housing)

Dear <Name of the District Leader>,

I am contacting you because I want to bring to your attention a rally I am planning on the steps of City Hall to ask for a federal, state and city investigation that would open the books for a real investigation into all HPD private-public partnerships with Neighborhood Restore (and non-profits) including the Third Party Transfer program, TIL-ANCP, and Inclusionary Zoning.

This about a city program that is so screwed up that HPD has been stealing deeds from rightful homeowners. …

My name is Theo Chino and I am a New York City resident. I live in a building that today is owned by a non profit called UHAB. I was born in that building.

Tenant pre-meeting over HPD and UHAB regulatory meeting:

(This post is a work in progress as English is not my first language. Spanish and French are so if something is unclear, feel free to ask in the comment and I will fix the story. The original press release is here:

8/7/2020 update: Rick Echevarria put together this video asking Bill DeBlasio why he doesn’t listen to us. …

Theo Chino

Bitcoiner, Activist - Doesn’t matter of from the Right or the Left; running does.

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