You can see all the petitions that I will circulate on Tuesday by calling Voters and ask them to sign my petition. I will ask them to sign petitions for Judges, County Committee, City Council, and whatever they feel to sign.

I want each of you candidates to learn what…

An email was sent and came as a surprise and I am really glad that it came out. I new thing were bad but not that bad.


The French Socialists are organizing their congress and all the document are here: and a possible solution to what happened in UM/B, the Harrington Style branch:

I did this video to explain Socialism.

In 24 days will start the petitioning in Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx the petitioning for County Committee. In short, it’s the group of people that will vote for the leadership of the Democratic Party.

I need help to get this message across Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx on social…

Theo Chino

Bitcoiner, Activist - Doesn’t matter of from the Right or the Left; running does.

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